Creating Charges API

This service could be used to charge the customer with different payment methods. It also might be used to create a reference number to be paid at Fawry's outlets or it can be used to direct debit the customer card using card token.

Production URL:

Sandbox URL:

Sample Card Charge Request:
HTTP method: POST

{ "merchantCode":"is0N+YQzlE4=", "merchantRefNum":"9990064204", "customerProfileId":"9990064204", "cardToken":"f8248fb320f1f79f8066d1a8db18d3f603b6c7b54415b3e22c9a2405e607ebc3", "customerMobile":"010000000", "customerEmail":"", "paymentMethod":"CARD", "amount":20.00, "currencyCode":"EGP", "description":"the charge request description", "chargeItems":[ { "itemId":"897fa8e81be26df25db592e81c31c", "description":"asdasd", "price":15.20, "quantity":1 } ], "signature":"fc82831bcd928d22337e9eace61d30c75d6fc027f59f0be571f90ab2231967fa" }

Sample PAYATFAWRY Charge Request:
HTTP method: POST

{ "merchantCode":"is0N+YQzlE4=", "merchantRefNum":"9990064204", "customerProfileId":"9990064204", "customerMobile":"01000000200", "customerEmail":"", "paymentMethod":"PAYATFAWRY", "amount":20.10, "currencyCode":"EGP", "description":"the charge request description", "paymentExpiry":1516554874077, "chargeItems":[ { "itemId":"897fa8e81be26df25db592e81c31c", "description":"asdasd", "price":15.20, "quantity":1 } ], "signature":"fc82831bcd928d22337e9eace61d30c75d6fc027f59f0be571f90ab2231967fa" }

merchantCode The merchant code provided during account setup
merchantRefNum The unique reference number for the charge request in merchant system
customerProfileId The unique customer profile ID in your system
cardToken The card token retrieve in save card step,mandatory in case of CARD payment
customerMobile Optional customer mobile
customerEmail Optional customer email
amount The charge amount
description Item description
paymentExpiry The expiry date for the generated number in case of the used Payment method is PAYATFAWRY
charge Items List of charge items
itemId The id for the charge item
price Item price
quantity The paid quantity
signature The SHA-256 digested for the following concatenated string merchantCode + merchantRefNum + customerProfileId + paymentMethod + amount(in two decimal format 10.00) +cardToken (optional in case of PAYATFAWRY) + secureKey
Sample PAYATFAWRY Response:

{ "type":"ChargeResponse", "referenceNumber":"100163201", "merchantRefNumber":"9990064204", "expirationTime":1516554874077, "statusCode":200, "statusDescription":"Operation done successfully" }

Sample Card Response:

{ "type":"ChargeResponse", "referenceNumber":"100163601", "merchantRefNumber":"9990064204", "statusCode":200, "statusDescription":"Operation done successfully" }

Get Payment Status API

The merchant can use Get Payment Status Service to retrieve the payment status for the charge request, using HTTP method GET and the following parameters

merchantCode The merchant code provided by Fawry team during the account setup.
merchantRefNumber The merchant reference number for the required order.
signature The request signature it contains the SHA-256 digest value for merchantCode+merchnatRefNumber+secureKey.