Get Payment Status API

The merchant can use Get Payment Status Service to retrieve the payment status for the charge request, using HTTP method GET and the following parameters

merchantCode The merchant code provided by Fawry team during the account setup.
merchantRefNumber The merchant reference number for the required order.
signature The request signature it contains the SHA-256 digest value for merchantCode+merchnatRefNumber+secureKey.
Sample Request:
Http Method : GET http://URL/ECommerceWeb/Fawry/payments/status?merchantCode=is0N+YQzlE4=&merchantRefNumber=99900642041&signature=a5701a2e1e865bf863f0c781829f709ea4d36bdaf7d70e9bafb9458b1
Sample Success PAYATFAWRY Response:

{ "type":"PaymentStatusResponse", "referenceNumber":"100162801", "merchantRefNumber":"99900642041", "paymentAmount":20, "paymentDate":1514747471138, "expirationTime":151654747115, "paymentStatus":"PAID", "paymentMethod":"PAYATFAWRY", "statusCode":200, "statusDescription":"Operation done successfully" }

Sample Success CARD Response:

{ "type":"PaymentStatusResponse", "referenceNumber":"100162801", "merchantRefNumber":"99900642041", " paymentAmount ":20, " paymentDate":1514747471138, "expirationTime":151654747114, "paymentStatus":"PAID", "paymentMethod":"CARD", "statusCode":200, "statusDescription":"Operation done successfully" }

Sample error response:

{ "type":" PaymentStatusResponse ", "statusCode":9946, "statusDescription":"Wrong Signature" }

Element description:
paymentMethod The payment method selected by the customer during payment PAYATFAWRY, CASHONDELIVERY, CARD, WALLET
paymentStatus The current payment status for this order PAID,UNPAID,REFUNDED, EXPIRED, CANCELLED, FAILED
statusCode The response status code
200 >> Success
9901 >> merchant code is blank or invalid
9944 >> reference number is blank
9946 >> blank or invalid signature
9938 >> payment not found