Payment Methods

Our suite of e-commerce solution allows merchants and shoppers to take advantage of expansion opportunities. Our platform provides an efficient and effective solution to meet the growing needs of e-commerce in Egypt.

Mobile wallet

FawryPay makes the mobile wallet an easy choice when you carry out a transaction; customers will be asked to enter their phone numbers and all they have to do is answer yes/no to the notification message sent to their phones.

  • Create the Best Experiences for Your Customers

    For merchants of all types, a mobile wallet has the potential to boost revenues. By offering a mobile wallet payment, you create a competitive advantage for your business and customers.

  • A Mobile Wallet is the Super-Fast Payment Method

    Accepting mobile payments can enhance the relationship with your customers. It's super-fast and can reduce the number of steps typically involved in the checkout process.

  • A Mobile Wallet is Extremely Convenient

    If your customers do not have credit cards or happen to have forgotten their wallet, they can still pay at your business with their phone.


Fawry is a pioneering E-payment platform, offering financial services to consumers and businesses through more than 100,000 locations and a variety of channels. Fawry’s network of retailers includes small groceries, pharmacies and stationaries and post-offices, all equipped with point-of-sale machines – the same used for credit card payments.


Fawry’s network of retailers includes small groceries, pharmacies and stationaries and post-offices, all equipped with point-of-sale machines – the same used for credit card payments.


FawryPay has solutions that help your customers browse your products and easily make purchases with their debit and credit cards.

  • Maximize Your Sales by Accepting Card Payments

    Accepting credit and debit cards payments can give a significant boost to your business. Recent studies show that people spend more with cards than with cash, as consumers are not tied to what they have in their wallets at the moment of purchase.

  • Credit and Debit Cards Safe Payments

    FawryPay ensures a high level of data security PCI DSS by encrypting all card info.
    No data will be stored when you purchase online.

  • Time is Money

    Credit and debit cards are more efficient and less time consuming
    FawryPay offers you a complete automated payment process including automatic approvals and automatic deposits into your account.
    We help you focus on other important aspects of your business with the time you save.

  • Broaden your Customer Base

    Want to increase your loyal customer base across Egypt?
    All you have to do is to take your business from a cash-only operation to one that offers credit and debit cards payments.

installment system

Installment payments help customers pay for large ticket items over time, your customers can pay for their purchases on monthly basis without any hassle.

  • Shop as Much as You Can

    Installment credit can greatly expand the purchasing power of ordinary consumers; it allows them to enjoy the advantages of owning an expensive item while paying for it gradually out of their future income.

  • What We Offer

    FawryPay offers you an installment system in which your customers can convert their purchases to equal monthly installments with no interest, the monthly installment amount will be reflected on their credit card.

Give your customer the best payment experience

by offering payment solutions on their doorstep, using cash/card/mobile wallet, they choose the way that suits them.


FawryPay is offering your customers to pay with their PayPal personal accounts, PayPal is considered as the fastest and the most secured payment method to use for online shopping.

  • The easiest and most secure way to Pay online .

    You can pay with PayPal at millions of online stores, all without the hassle of exchanging currency So it’s just as easy to know how much you’re spending and it's free to sign up for it.