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Pricing charts designed to cater all business sizes & needs.

Choose your package & know the items you are paying for.

Get out Fawry Accept features in a blink of an eye.

Designed for early stage/low volume companies, this plan will enable you to encourage business volumes and drive sales.
Designed for established businesses, where we offer monthly customized plans with value added services and lower transaction charges to cater to your business needs.
Build your e-store
Build your Online Store/ Mobile Applications. Pick the package that fits your needs and start accepting payments today.
In-Store Acceptance
Smart POS that fulfill your needs for accepting card payments and logging cash.

That's not all

In-Store Acceptance

Join our gigantic network NOW, boost your revenues and enjoy multiple exclusive and comprehensive features on latest Smart POS technology

  • Accepting card payments (visa, Mastercard & Meeza Cards)
  • Cash payments logging
  • Mobile Wallet and QR payments
  • Pay by using loyalty and promotions
  • Installment payments (banks, ValU, etc.)
  • Increase revenues by having +1000 Fawry bill payment services
  • Settlement on multiple platforms (Bank transfer, Cash out via Fawry retail network or via Fawry runners)
  • Many more...

All major payment
methods within reach

Whether you want to grow you business or focus on a specific market, FawryPay supports all major payment methods, so you can build your business however you want.

Looking for tailored package?

You can mix and match any set of services that fits your specific business needs and enjoy our competitive pricing!